4 Reasons you should ask your Best Friend… How’s Your Vagina?!

4 Reasons you should ask your Best Friend… How’s Your Vagina?!
We are all taught as children that some things are meant to be private, especially our privates. Women’s bodies go through so many changes as we age, it almost seems unfair that we can’t talk about it to everyone we meet so that everyone knows about our plight. VSPOT Experts aren’t telling you to share your intimate health status with every stranger you meet, but talk to your girlfriends about it. Here are 4 reasons why…


  1. What you may think is abnormal is actually very common.

There is no reason to be anxious if this is your third time getting BV (bacterial vaginosis) this year. It’s not the topic you want to bring up while having brunch with your girlfriends, but have 3 mimosas and blurt it out. Chances are someone at the table is going through it too. You don’t have to freak out and think that this is happening to you alone. 

2. You’ll be able to better identify what to see your doctor about. 

As women, we know our body is always changing. Sometimes our cycles can be heavy and other times skip a whole month. If you’re chatting with your girlfriends about something you think is normal and happening to everybody and it’s only happening to you, that can be a signifier that you need to see your OB-GYN immediately. 

3. You might miss out on groundbreaking treatments

You may feel you’re walking around with this big secret, like you feel like you’re going to pee every time you watch Friends reruns with your bestie. It may seem embarrassing and like something you’d definitely want to keep private. Meanwhile you have no idea your best friend is going through the same thing and is getting non-invasive treatment for it, using the BTL Emsella aka the Kegel Throne at VSPOT every Tuesday and Thursday. Urinary Incontinence can, and does happen to anyone. 

4. Your best friend could have life changing recommendations. 

If your best friend doesn’t know what you're going through she can’t recommend great doctors. If you're having consistent odors or terrible menopause symptoms and your current OB-GYN hasn’t had any solutions that work for you, tell your friend. VSPOT Expert Dr. Monica Grover gets new clients monthly because women aren’t getting the treatment they need from their current OB-GYN’s. While some doctors stick to the old tricks, she is constantly looking for new solutions to help each individual. Your current OB may not know that the treatments she is offering are even available. 

5. Women need safe spaces! 

VSPOT, a place that every woman who enters deems absolutely necessary, wouldn’t be able to exist if we weren’t talking to our best friends about our intimate health. Word of mouth goes a long way to support small businesses like VSPOT. If you came to VSPOT and your sex life has improved because of our trademark  O-SHOTFeminine Serum combo… tell a friend. If sex used to be painful for you, and you came to VSPOT for a Femilift…tell your sister. If estrogen creams and lubes just weren’t cutting for your menopause symptoms and after BioTe Hormone Therapy and you finally feel like yourself again…toast to it at your next brunch. 

Talking about our vaginas is how we make sure that the next generation never has to suffer in silence. So the next time you're having a one on one with your bff turn to her and ask “How’s your vagina”?!  It could change your life forever.